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Can I get Cricket network unlock code free?

If you are the Cricket phone´s original owner and meet the requirements, you can get the FREE Cricket unlock code. If for some reason you do not get the code for free, do not worry, if you pay a small amount you can unlock it with us, simply select the model and fill out the form.

Is it possible unlock a cricket phone before 6 months?

The Cricket carrier does not provide the unlock code before 6 months in prepaid lines and also before finalizing the permanence contracts, so we recommend our website to get the code from day one.

How to unlock Cricket samsung phone?

Yes, our servers support all brands with Cricket, such as Alcatel, LG, HTC, Kyocera, iPhone, Motorola, Samsung or ZTE.

Is there any Cricket unlock code generator?

No, there is no generator or Cricket code calculator, the unlock codes are stored in servers and databases.

¿How to unlock my Cricket phone with Device Unlock app?

Some new phones from Cricket has installed with the Device Unlock application, this unlocking is a fast and reliable service, and you do not need to type any code, after buying the unlocking authorization that we sell, you simply must enter the app and press the Unlock button.

If your cell phone does not have the Device Unlock app installed and when inserting a non-accepted SIM card, will request the SIM network unlock PIN, this phone will be unlocked typing the unlocking code.

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