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How to remove and delete iCloud activation lock, how to do a factory reset

iPhone 12
Tutorial to reset a iPhone 12

In this tutorial, we will explain how to restore a iPhone 12 and completely format it to factory settings. Your iPhone will be just like the day you bought it, with no information or installed programs.

If you have forgotten the security code for your Apple device´s lock screen, if you want to sell or give your device to someone else, or if your iPhone is running very slowly and overloaded with information, these are usually the most common reasons for performing a hard reset or restoration.

Attention: This process will result in the complete loss of all information, contacts, notes, photos, videos, and applications. Therefore, we recommend that, if necessary, you make a backup beforehand using iCloud or iTunes (by connecting the iPhone to a Mac or PC).

Different tutorials for resetting a iPhone 12 based on the type of lock:

I know the screen code and the iCloud account

If you want to remove the screen lock, whether it is a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID, follow these steps:

1. The device must be powered off.

2. Connect the iPhone to a computer with iTunes open (you must have iTunes installed on your PC).

3. Normally, when you connect it, the Apple logo will appear on the phone. Now, press and hold the Home button or Volume Down button (iPhone 7 or later) and the Power button.

4. After about 10 seconds, the screen will turn off.

5. Release the Power button but continue holding the Home button or Volume Down button (iPhone 7 or later).

6. After about 30 seconds, the computer will recognize the iPhone in DFU mode, and you can release the Home button or Volume Down button (iPhone 7 or later).

7. In iTunes, select "Restore".

8. Just wait for the latest version of iOS software to be downloaded and for the device to be formatted.

9. In about half an hour, your iPhone will be back to its original state without a passcode.

10. If the iPhone had the iCloud account active, it will prompt you to enter the iCloud email and password again.

I do not know the screen lock or the iCloud account

To remove the screen lock using a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID, you should follow the previous tutorial.

If your iPhone now has an iCloud lock, and you do not know the email or password, there is no software available to reset the device unless you perform a jailbreak on the iPhone.

Occasionally, there are private Apple servers that can remove the iCloud account from an iPhone. If you purchase our Check and Premium iCloud report, we will inform you about the possibilities you have to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone.

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How can I remove the Google account with FRP Bypass?
Unfortunately it is not a free service, if you need to remove or delete the Google account verification from your phone, the best solution is to buy the remote reset of the Google account, you just have to plug your [BRAND] to the PC, one of our technicians will connect remotely to your computer to delete the Google account with FRP bypass
What is the Hard Reset?
If your device is slow, or remains locked on certain screens, it is best to make a factory reset to make it look like the first day, in many cases when doing a hard reset it is also useful if you want to remove the phone´s.
If I find a phone and I remove the Google account, will it work?
Our job is to remove the Google account, but your phone can have the network locked, you should purchase network unlocking service to use any carrier, and the phone could also have the IMEI on Blacklist.
Is the data lost when doing a hard reset?
Yes, when making a factory reset, the phone remains as the first day it was purchased, losing all the information. What would remain is what is stored on the external microSD card.
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