Unlock iPhone by IMEI - USA

  • This unlocking method keeps your warranty
  • Official iTunes unlocking from your home
  • Works with AT&T, T-mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket, Sprint, Verizon, Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Xfinity, etc...

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We explain how to unlock iPhone by IMEI

Unlock iPhone Online

If you want to unlock an iPhone you should know that these devices are not unlock by code. To unlock an iPhone device, is necessary request an authorization to unlock the IMEI to Apple's official servers. It is very simple for us, we simply need the device´s IMEI number, once the unlocking is approved, you cant insert any SIM card from another network providers. Your iPhone connects to the Apple servers and is will be unlocked in seconds! The advantage of this official unlocking is that the device does not void the warranty and you don´t need any unlock iPhone software.

Unlock iPhone carrier will works for any country?

You can use the apple device with any SIM Card on the world. Our unlock iPhone service works for any carrier, (including GSM or CDMA networks).

Unlock iPhone for FREE

You could get the unlocking network free for FREE if you meet the carrier requirements, you should call at customer service hotline to unlock your iPhone without cost.

What is the benefit to unlock your iPhone using Movical.net?

  • The iPhone will be unlocked automatically in seconds, you just need to connect to the internet.
  • All apps will works without restrictions: SMS, Calls, iMessenger, FaceTime...
  • You can update the iOS version, restore, reset or sync the device with iTunes, device will be unlocked forever.
  • Your iPhone will be lifetime unlocked.
  • We have 100% money back if we can't unlock your Apple device.

How to know if my iPhone is unlocked?

You have two options to know if your apple phone is Locked or Unlocked:

  1. Insert a chip of different network providers. When you put not allowed SIM card appears: "iPhone has a SIM card from a different network" or "incorrect SIM card inserted" it means that your iPhone is network locked.
  2. If you cant't test with different SIM cards, we recommend you use our CHECK IMEI service to know the original carrier.

Where can I Unlock an iPhone near me?

Our unlocking services are Online, you can unlock your iPhone without leaving your home or office. Your can unlock it from everywhere! (New York, Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois), Houston (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), Phoenix (Arizona), San Antonio (Texas), Filadelfia (Pensilvania), San Diego (California), Dallas (Texas), San José (California).

What carriers are supported?

We support the most important carriers:

Unlock iPhone by iTunes

One locked iPhone indicates this:

SIM Not Valid. The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information.

When the iPhone is connected to the computer with the iTunes open, it automatically connects to the Apple servers to check if the IMEI of your phone must be unlocked or remain locked.

Once you have purchased the unlocking, we will send you an email notifying you of the successful unlocking and you must connect the iPhone to your PC via USB cable, you will be unlocked forever.

iOS current versions NO need to connect the iPhone to the PC, just connect it to a Wi-Fi network or mobile network to check with the Apple servers if the unlocking is done.

Once your iPhone is unlocked you can use all the network providers of USA, for example Spectrum, C Spire, AT&T, US Cellular, Cingular, Cricket, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, MetroPCS, Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Aio, StraightTalk, H20 Wireless, Simple Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Family Mobile, Xfinity Mobile, Viaero, Total Wireless and also carriers on the world.

Will the iPhone be locked when updating the iOS?
movical.Net IMEI unlocking is official from Apple, it is to guarantee that the terminal will remain free forever, regardless of future updates.
Do the unlocking services remove my iCloud Activation Lock?
No, it has nothing to do to unblock the network to use another operator (it is the service that we offer) to erase the iCloud block, this block associates each team with an email, that is, it is like a password that establishes the owner to the iPhone. If it is an iPhone with found, with report or illegal origin it is also very likely that it is also on a blacklist, with which resetting the iCloud would not be worth anything either.
How to check what network provider an iPhone uses?
At movical.Net we offer a premium service to find out the original operator of an iPhone, click here to more information.
How to know if an iPhone is on a blacklist?
Another of the services we offer is to find out if an iPhone has a report or is blacklisted by a specific operator, CHECK here for more information.
Can I unlock my device still under contract?
Yes, unlocking a phone is different at avoid contract of permanence, you have the duty to fulfill a contract with the network provider but that contract can fulfill it with any other phone, or continue to comply with a phone unlocked.
The carrier will never penalize you for unlocking a device.
Can I unlock a phone found, reported or in a negative band?
Yes, we can unlock the phone, even if it is blacklisted. But most likely after releasing it will not work with any operator, because if it is in blacklist as reported does not let call or receive calls with operators in the country. What I could do is; free the terminal to use it in another country, since the report does not affect countries abroad.
What if the unlocking does not work?
If the model is well selected, the original operator and the terminal does not have the software manipulated, the code must work.
Whenever the code is wrong, the money is returned, that is, in most cases we demand a video showing that the code has failed.
Is mobile phone unlocked for any company and country?
Yes of course, today virtually all GSM phones are quad-band, this means that your phone has an antenna with 4 frequencies that are compatible with all the operators in the world.
Can it be blocked again in the future?
Of course NO, once the unlock code is marked the mobile memorizes forever that it must be free. Perhaps if it is taken to repair an official technical service it could be blocked, but simply by simply re-dialing the code it would be free again, and if you have not saved your code, we will send it back to you at no additional cost!
Where can I unlock my iPhone?
You can unlock the phone from the comfort of your home, movical.Net offers this service for US cities such as; New York, Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois), Houston (Texas), Phoenix (Pensilvania), San Antonio, Texas. Philadelphia, San Diego, etc...
Customer reviews
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Pires from Brazil - 22/09/2020

"já havia tentado que foi pedir unlock en outras websites. Movical conseguiu! OBRIGADO"

Maverik - 5/08/2020


Geri from United States - 13/05/2020

"Empresa confiable"

Israel from Mexico - 9/01/2019

"Funciono perfectamente bien, gracias por ayudarme a disfrutar de mi Iphone, son muy bueno "

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