Refund and Cancelation Policy

Services offered by Movical.Net are guaranteed with a full refund should any of the following conditions arise:
An unlock code and/or software was sent and upon entering the code As instructed the service failed to render the phone network unlocked.
No code or software was has been sent yet.
No code was found
If an unlock code has already been sent out or the service that has been otherwise delivered fails to network unlock the phone in question, Refunds will be issued after proper investigation of the clients claim. This investigation **will** require the client to submit proof, including and not limited to: Photographic evidence, Screen Shots, and detailed description of the error/defectiveness of the product. In the case an alternative method of supplying a service is available the client will be supplied with that service, prior to being offered a refund.

Wrong Phone Information Provided

Please note our refund policy does not cover negligence to follow instructions or failure to provide correct information, this includes and is not limited to :
Failure to provide the correct phone IMEI (serial number), Model number , Carrier the phone is locked to or any other information requested to assist in unlocking your phone.
Failure to follow correct instructions on how to enter the unlock code.
Failure to follow correct software instructions.
Any improper use of information provided outside of the scope.

Cancelling Processing Orders

Please note order cancellations are only possible if the order has not been processed or delivered yet and the quoted time frame fulfilling your order has not yet elapsed . Due to the nature of products sold, orders will not be canceled after unlock login, code or any other information pertaining to unlocking the phone in question has been sent out. No exceptions

Phone already unlocked

It is your responsibility to make sure that your phone requires unlocking before requesting an unlock service from Movical.Net. If your order has been delivered (phone unlock information sent out) and you determine that this information is not required (example: Phone is already unlocked) a refund will NOT be issued period

Try before you buy

Certain services Movical.Net offer allow the client to conduct a free of charge compatibility test that verifies the products compatibility with the clients phone. The client may access such free tests via the services individual product description page PRIOR to purchase. We URGE all clients to make FULL use of such tests where available PRIOR to purchase as any incompatibility discovered after purchase as a result of negligence to carry out compatibility tests will not stipulate grounds for refunds.
While Movical.Net utilizes only tested and safe service software , it is paramount that the client follows instructions exactly as listed on the Movical.Net website or in instructions provided. Movical.Net does not accept responsibility for any damage caused to any headset as a result of not properly following instructions or any other reason. Please use at your own discretion.