IMEI Unbarring Movistar Peru

The IMEI will be deleted from Bitel, Entel, Claro and Movistar Peru blacklist.

If your device is blacklisted by Movistar Peru, we can remove the it to use with any Peru service network. The phone will recover signal in Peru

How to clean an IMEI from Movistar Peru?

This service is ideal for cleaning a blacklisted IMEI to use it in Peru with any operator such as Bitel, Entel, Claro or Movistar.

How to remove the report and get an IMEI off the blacklist in Peru?

Cleaning an IMEI and removing the report basically mean the same thing. This service is suitable for recovering signal.

My phone doesn't have signal, it says No Signal or No Service

If your device shows the message No Service or No Signal, it's probably because it's blacklisted. Check if it's blacklisted in the Check Blacklist section of our website and if it is, buy this service to recover the signal.
Price: 44.95 €
Delivery: 2-3 days
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