What is mobile unlocking by IMEI?

Unlocking mobiles by IMEI is the easiest and most secure (100%) method for unlocking a device. A simple code will unlock your telephone. All you need to know is the telephone’s IMEI number, which can be found at the back of the device underneath the battery or by typing *#06# into the keyboard.

How does movical.Net work?

All you need to do is fill out the form that appears in the section about your phone brand.
If you have a Motorola phone, go to the Unlock Motorola section and fill out all of the fields in the form. Our system will calculate the unlock codes and will send them to you by email.

Will the phone lose its warranty?

The phone will never lose its warranty because it is not opened and the software is not modified.

- Can I unlock a phone that I have found?

A mobile is cancelled by IMEI for: Loss, Theft or Unpaid Bills. When a mobile is cancelled by IMEI, the device will no longer be able to receive or make calls, even with the original service provider. It is not worth unlocking it because it will not get any signal with any of the country’s networks. Manipulating the IMEI for the phone to work is completely ILEGAL

Can I unlock my device if it has a fixed-term contract?

Yes, because unlocking a phone has nothing to do with the contract. You are obliged to fulfil a contract with the operator, but this contract can be fulfilled with any phone, including any unlocked phone. The service provider will never penalize you for unlocking a device.

Are the codes always 100% correct?

Answering ‘yes’ to this question would be a lie. There may always be a small percentage of error, given that there are millions of codes stored in each database.

- What is the risk of the phone being damaged?

- There is no risk whatsoever, because all phones are prepared to accept these codes. If the solution is to unlock by cable, our unlocking equipment is fully professional so there is no risk of your mobile phone being damaged.

ATTENTION: If the customer manipulates the device and exhausts the possible unlock attempts by inserting incorrect codes, it will not be possible to unlock the phone by code. The only solution will be to reset it by cable.