Unlock iPhone Chimaera Device Policy

How to unlock my iPhone with Chimaera Device Policy

An iPhone with Chimaera carrier is an iPhone stolen and reported by Apple, this means that it has usually been stolen from an Apple Store.

When this happens, Apple modify the carrier of the iPhone, and the SIM lock instead of being from a carrier (like T-Mobile, Verizon, Movistar, etc...) or directly UNLOCKED, it becomes Chimaera/blacklist.

Since Apple does not have the power that carriers have to add an IMEI to the GSMA blacklist, what it does is to change the carrier, it is a carrier that does not exist, and so Apple makes sure that the iPhone does not have SIM cards from any carrier.

With these premium checks, we will tell you if your iPhone really has the Chimaera lock, if the IMEI is reported blacklisted, if the iCloud account is active and / or reported as LOST and if there is any alternative to reuse your iPhone.
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Delivery: 3-12 hours
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