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We send you RGCK+MCK (unfreeze)

This service is usually used when a Samsung phone is unlocked and you request a Samsung report it indicates
Carrier: OPEN but when inserting a SIM card from another carrier it asks for the unlock code. Usually it is because you are trying to use device Samsung in another continent or regional area. You need the unlocking code (regional code) called RGCK. If you insert the wrong regional code too many times, the cell phone freezes, asking for the MCK code, also called unfreeze or defreeze code, this service send both codes.
Price: $60.95 AUD
Delivery: 7-10 days

SIM Unlock by code

You can use the phone with any network.

We will send you an email with the unlock code.

Region Lock RGCK + Unfreeze

Europe/Asia Samsung Server

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