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Unlocking to United Kingdom, 3 Hutchinson, T-mobile, O2, Orange, Tesco, Vodafone, Virgin, EE, etc...

iPhone 5
Select the network your phone is locked NOT the network you want to use
Why unlock my iPhone 5?

Can I unlock my iPhone 5 for FREE?

When you want to unlock an iPhone 5, the service provider can send you the iPhone unlocking totally for FREE, if you are the iPhone´s owner and you have finished the contract. If you don't know where the iPhone came from, we can help you with unlocking. Simply choose your model and the original carrier, make the payment and wait to receive the unlock authorization by email.

You must order the unlocking order and wait for us to do the job.

Is the SIM unlock process forever?

Our official unlock is forever, through Apple source, the iPhone will never be locked again.

After you have it unlocked... In which countries can I use it?

You can insert Three, O2, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, EE, BT Mobile SIM cards from United Kingdom and other carriers arround the world.

How to check if an iPhone 5 is yet locked?

You have two options to check it:

First method: You can insert SIM cards from different carriers. When you insert a not allowed SIM card it will appear this message "iPhone has a SIM card from a different network" or "incorrect SIM card inserted" it means that your iPhone is network blocked or locked. When the Apple device has coverage it means that it is unlocked.
Second option: If you don't have a different SIM cards to test, or you don't know the original network, you can use our CHECK IMEI service to know the original carrier.

Advantages of unlock an iPhone 5 with us

Choose the cheapest network provider.

100% safe. Easy unlock connecting your iPhone on internet.

You can comfortably unlock your iPhone 5 without leaving home.

Save money swapping your SIM card.

Apple Unlocking is perpetual?

Our unlocking service to unlock an iPhone 5 always are permanent because use the Apple official servers. Your iPhone will never re-lock even if you can restore the device as many times as you want.

SIM unlocking process remove the iCloud account?

Deleting the iCloud account is totally different from freeing the network, our service only unlock the carrier lock.

These are the iPhone 5 versions

iPhone 5 Unlocking instructions
how to unlock iPhone 5botón de play para ver cómo desbloquear TUTORIAL VIDEO

Unlock iPhone through WiFi or mobile data.

  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM card.
  2. Type your SIM PIN number.
  3. Your iPhone shows SIM Not Valid.
  4. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  5. Your iPhone will be activated and unlocked forever.
Unlock iPhone by iTunes
  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM card.
  2. Type your SIM PIN number.
  3. Your iPhone shows SIM Not Valid.
  4. Run iTunes on your computer.
  5. Connect your iPhone to a desktop computer.
  6. iTunes shows: Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked
  7. Your iPhone will be activated and unlocked forever.
If iTunes displays this note: The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported, your iPhone has not been unlocked correctly.

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Ash from United States - 10/07/2021

"Works! Worked fast and for a reasonable price. Thank you"

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