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How to get iCloud status for your iPhone by IMEI. Activated / Clean / Lost

Dial *#06# to get IMEI.
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iCloud status for an iPhone by IMEI from Ireland

Through the IMEI number of your iPhone we can obtain information about the iCloud status account.

If your idea is to buy a used or second-hand iPhone, it is very important to know the iCloud status on an iPhone because iCloud lock is practically impossible to reset if you are not the owner of the email registered in iCloud.

Results checking the iCloud status


Find my iPhone ON
iCloud security is enable

Find my iPhone OFF
iCloud security is disable

Status iCloud CLEAN
iPhone is not reported such LOST

Status iCloud LOST
iPhone is reported such LOST

check iCloud status

It is very important to mention that thanks to this check you will be able to know the iCloud lock of an Apple device, but the iPhone may have other locks active such as:

The network lock or SIM lock (the carrier locks the iPhone so that it can only be used with its SIM cards)

IMEI blocking (if there is a report for loss, theft or unpaid bills, the IMEI will be blacklisted, and the iPhone do not allow to make calls).

Carrier Checker

Check the original network provider + SIM lock status

Delivery time: 5 minutes

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

Blacklist Checker

Verify if the IMEI is blacklisted for FREE in seconds

Delivery time: Instant

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

Model Checker

Check the manufacturer and the model through IMEI

Delivery time: Instant

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

What is iCloud Lock?
Apple associates your devices like iPhone or iPad to a user account (an email and/or a phone number). This security system allows that if the device is lost or stolen, we can block it remotely.
What information do I get with the iCloud check?
We will inform you if the iPhone has iCloud lock active, if the device is unlinked to any account (this is essential to buy a used or second hand iPhone or iPad) and if you are linked to any account, you are also notified if the owner has reported that your iPhone is lost or stolen.
How to find my iPhone or iPad?
If you are the original iPhone owner, our check will help you know if your iPhone is still with the iCloud account blocked or if someone has managed to remove the block. On the website you can enter your credentials and keep track of your Apple device.
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