Check Blacklist Mobile by IMEI Blacklist IMEI is lost, stolen or ineligible (Bad, Barred, Blocked) mobile phone
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How does our blacklist check work?

You just have to complete the IMEI fields and your email; After making the payment you will receive in a matter of minutes a detailed report of whether your equipment is clean (clear) or on the contrary blacklisted by loss (lost) or theft (stolen).

Our report of blacklist or phone reported is the most complete that you can find on the network, since it covers millions of records of IMEI numbers from around the world.

Do you have a solution for unlocking a blacklisted phone?

No, there is no web page that removes the blockage of a blacklisted phone, if someone wants to charge you for this service, we recommend that you do not do it, since it would be a scam.

The only way to unlock an IMEI of blacklist would be to talk to the operator and prove that you are the rightful owner.

By unlocking the phone by code ... is it coming off the blacklist?

Of course No, it has nothing to do with freeing a "legal" mobile to use another operator, with trying to remove an IMEI from the blacklist. If a terminal is in blacklist and you mark the release code will follow in blacklist.

What should I do if my phone has been declared stolen or lost?

If you have bought a second-hand mobile phone, what we recommend is to report the seller to the police, with the report generated by our website in PDF as proof. If the seller declared it stolen or lost after the sale to receive compensation from the insurance, you will have proof, with your report, that when buying the equipment, it was neither stolen nor lost, and in this way, denounce the seller.
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