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How to Check Blacklist - USA

Check blacklist by IMEI

All cell phones have a unique identification number called IMEI. With this number we can obtain a lot of information, such as the brand, model, carrier and even if your cell phone is blacklisted, if it has an iCloud lock (iPhone cases), etc...

If you have reached our website, we understand that you want to check your IMEI is blacklisted or Not blacklisted. You can check if your device was reported for loss, theft or unpaid bills.

At Movical.Net you can Check your IMEI for Free!

We are one of the few internet companies that offers the IMEI Check for free. You will know if your phone is blacklistedt. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get the IMEI by dialing *#06# on your cell phone.
  2. Type the IMEI in this page.
  3. Our server will tell you if the IMEI is reported such Blacklist or is Clean.

How can I know if a phone has the IMEI reported in blacklist?

Checking if a cell phone is blacklisted is a service we offer for free!
Simply access this section to Check if an IMEI is reported blacklisted and you will be able to check in seconds if the IMEI is CLEAN or BLACKLISTED.

More IMEI Premium Checks

Our server has more premium checks that will give you more information about your device:

  • Which network provider reported the IMEI.
  • In which countries and carriers the IMEI is CLEAN.
  • If the iCloud account is on LOST MODE (only for iPhone).

Our Premium Checks will give you more information

At the top of this page, you can check if your IMEI is blacklisted for free. Once you have verified the IMEI status, you could need more information. You can request these other Premium Checks.

Carrier Checker

Check the original network provider + SIM lock status

Delivery time: 5 minutes

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

iCloud Checker

Check the iCloud status: Active or OFF and CLEAN or LOST

Delivery time: 5 minutes

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

Model Checker

Check the manufacturer and the model through IMEI

Delivery time: Instant

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

Xiaomi MI account checker

Check the Mi account status and original country

Delivery time: Instant

Automated server

24 hours, 365 days

What is IMEI number?
The IMEI number is a 15 number unique to your phone, this number which differentiates each.

IMEI stands for (International Mobile Equipment Identity), consists of the this information:

TAC (Type Allocation Code) The first 6 digits.
Final Assembly Code (FAC) Digits 7 and 8.
Serial number: The following 6 digits.
Validation code: The last digit, used only for verification.

Type *#06# on phone's keypad to obtain the IMEI code.
What does it mean phone reported or blacklisted?
When a phone is reported like stolen or lost, the phone is included in a database.

If you attempt to use a reported or blacklisted phone, it is very likely it won’t have network coverage. You can use WiFI to connect to the internet and even send text messages, but you won’t be able to make or receive calls.
Can I unlock a reported phone?
Yes, but remember: Unlocking a device has nothing to do with removing it from the blacklist. Unlocking your phone allows you to use it on any other network in the world.

However, even though the phone is unlocked, you almost certainly won’t be able to make or receive calls until the phone has been removed from the blacklist.

In some cases, it is possible that an unlocked phone works correctly even though it has been reported.
If I want to buy a second-hand phone. What do I need to check?
Most important is that you get the IMEI number, so you can check the history of the phone yourself. We recommend paying for an official report. Do not trust IMEI number checks that are advertised for free.
Which network providers are included in the report?
Information on the current status is updated daily by the GSMA, of which almost all network providers are members.
Is a service for FREE?
YES!, Movical.Net offers the IMEI blacklist check for free, but we recommend you purchase our PREMIUM for a complete report to knows; what carrier reports the blacklist and which carriers and countries you can use your IMEI blacklisted.
I was sold a device that has been reported stolen. What can I do?
Send a complete IMEI check of the device to send to the seller.
Try the seller to return your money.
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