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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
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Why unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite?

Can you unlock the Galaxy Note 10 Lite by code?

Yes, of course at movical.Net we work with servers to unlock the Samsung Note 10 Lite by code, the process is fast, it is from home and the phone does not lose the warranty or any information. When inserting a SIM card from another network provider, Samsung will request the SIM network unlock PIN or you can also request the PUK if the network PIN code has been inserted many times in the wrong way. Do not worry, our website provides you with the two codes NCK (network code) and MCK (unfreeze code).
If the message SIM Network Unlock PIN appears on the screen when insert a different SIM card, it means that the device is locked and you can´t use others carriers until you dial the unlock code.

Can Note 10 Lite be unlocked if it does not request SIM network unlock PIN?

Sprint, Boost Mobile and Verizon network providers block the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite firmware and when inserting a SIM card from another carrier, it indicates Invalid SIM and does not request the unlock code.
Our website we have a solution for this type of locks, to unlock these phones we must do it by USB cable and remotely, one of our technicians connects to your PC to unlock the device firmware. Once unlocked, you can use any service provider from Ireland or any other country in the world.

How to remove simlock at Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite if you have Device Unlock app?

MetroPCS & T-Mobile versions have installed an application called Device Unlock, simply by running the app and pressing the button of Permanent Unlock the phone must be unlocked, but this unlocking must be previously approved, our website we can also unlock these devices either by software or through the carrier´s official authorization.

SIM network unlock pin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Which Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite models can be unlocked?

We can unlock all Galaxy Note 10 Lite versions

SM-N770U United States versions

SM-N770F Europe & Latin America versions

SM-N770W Canada versions

How to insert the unlocking code for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Litebotón de play para ver cómo desbloquear TUTORIAL VIDEO

1. - Turn on the handset on with a SIM card not accepted by the device (your new network operator)
2. - If the card has a PIN number, enter it and press OK.
3. - The device will prompt: “Network lock”, Now enter the code and press OK.
4. - Your phone will indicate: "The operation was successful", becoming permanently unlocked.

Unfreeze code: If the code in step 3 does not work, type the secondary code and press Unlock, the phone will indicate Unlock fail, now dial the code again from step 3.

Device Unlock app method:

1. - Make sure you have an active data connection via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
2.- From the Application list, tap Device Unlock, the application is pre installed in your device.
3.- Choose the Permanent Unlock.
4.- Restart the device.

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