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· Compatible with Three, Eir, Vodafone

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We explain how to unlock Honor by IMEI

How to know if I need to unlock a Honor phone?

When you insert a SIM card from different network providers and your device asks for the SIM Network unlock PIN, it means that the network is locked, and because it has a SIM lock and can only be used with the carrier that has originally sold the phone.

Don't worry, at Movical.Net we can get these unlock codes or unlock your phone by software connecting it to the computer. The process is simple, the Honor warranty is not voided and the mobile phone will be free forever without losing the information.

Can you unlock a Honor for FREE?

If you meet the requirements, your original carrier that sold the device can send you the free unlock code, but to meet these requirements; You must be the owner of the line and phone, have all bills paid, that the IMEI is not blacklisted due to default or loss and remain a customer of the carrier, if you do not meet any of these guidelines and the network service provider will not offer Free your unlocking. On our website you can buy the unlock code. We send you a simple code and after typing it your Honor will be unlocked forever.

How to unlock a Honor phone with password or pattern lock?

The first thing you have to be clear about is what type of password your phone asks for.

If the password is requested when inserting a SIM from another carrier, then the phone will indicate "SIM network unlock PIN".

If the device requests the password or password, it means that someone has locked or restricted the phone, we would also recommend our FREE tutorials in the RESET section.

On unlocking your Honor device using the IMEI code, nor the warranty nor the data it contains will be at risk. We don’t modify the software nor open the device at any time.

If you have any doubts about the process or our services, you can contact our call centre. Our team will be delighted to help you.

You can unlock your blocked Three, Eir, Vodafone mobile from Ireland, and then use any SIM card from any country or network.

How many unlocking attempts does a Honor have?
If a Honor indicates a SIM card network unblocking PIN, it means that there are still attempts to enter the unlocking code, otherwise Unlock SIM means that the attempts have been exhausted, but that it can be reset with the code Unlock SIM. At movical.Net we always send the two codes, with which your Honor will be unlocked 100% secure.
How long are Honor's unlockings?
It depends a lot on the original operator that blocks the phone, when selecting the model, country and operator, the web will show you the prices and delivery terms that we offer.
What if I do not know the Honor original network?
Do not worry we can unlock it without knowing the original operator, simply contact our support and we will inform you how to proceed.
How can I unlock a phone with Movical.Net?
It is very easy !

You simply have to choose the brand and model, select the country and original carrier. After completing the order, we will send you the unlocking instructions to your email within the period guaranteed by our website.

Remember! The cellphone unlocking is done without leaving your home, by code or software, and does not require advanced technical knowledge.
How much does it price and delivery time to unlock a phone?
Unlocking a phone on Movical.Net guarantees the best price on the internet.

As soon as you select the model and original network provider, our website will show you the price and delivery time of your SIM unlock.
Is the Unlock SIM forever?
Of course! Once the unlock code is marked the mobile memorizes forever and you can uptate iOS or android as many times as you want.
Is mobile phone unlocked for any carrier and country?
Yes of course!

Today all phones are GSM, this means that your phone are compatibles in the world.
Can I unlock a phone with IMEI Blacklisted?
Yes, we can unlock the phone, even if it is blacklisted.

But most likely after unlocking it will not work with any carrier, because if it is a IMEI blacklisted, does not let call or receive calls with network providers in the country. May be you can use the device in another country because blacklists are not registered in other countries
Is money back 100% guaranteed if phone is not unlocked?
If we don´t get the unlocking, we ALWAYS refund your money.

Beware: We cannot return the money if your device is unlocked, but does not make calls (blacklist, unpaid bills, firmware damaged, etc...)
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